match-making for singles, with a twist

Have you ever wondered how someone felt about you?

Pairlet is a match-making app that can let you know when there is mutual interest...
without giving yourself away.

Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, then start adding the people you fancy.

How it works

1 Sign up and connect your Twitter & Facebook accounts so others can find you.

2 Add people using their Twitter or Facebook usernames.

3 Let Pairlet handle the rest.

The catch

The person you add as a soulmate won't be notified when you add them, and you won't know when someone adds you either.

You will only find out if you both add each other.

When Pairlet finds a mutual connection, you will automatically be notified via email.

No hard feelings, no rejections, no awkward moments. Happy matching.

Accessible from any device internet enabled phones, tablets and personal computers